Mother’s Day with Mother Gaia

On this Mother’s Day, we once again appreciate Mother Earth. All existence here on Earth is born of Her. All are born from the womb of her creative inspiration and nurtured on her ceaseless patience and kindness.

Her children number in the quadrillions!

  • every leaf on every tree, bush, plant, or flower, every blade of grass
  • plus all the plankton, krill, coral pollupses
  • plus all the insects of the world
  • all the animals of every species
  • plus all the human beings.

Oh, and then there is every grain of sand, all the mountains, rivers, oceans, clouds in the sky, and icebergs in the sea. All are her children. All are born from her love and creative inspiration and care.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Earth!

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