14b. Like a closet: the original state

When a closet is first built, its original state is empty. The natural condition of the closet is not full of stuff, but is instead full of potential. Our natural or original state is like that: empty and limitless in potential.

The closet is designed to be used. If it stays empty, it is not fulfilling its intended purpose. The same is so for human awareness. The challenge that we face, however, is that the stuff that fills our mind, emotions, relationships, the spaces that we live in, and the space between words and thoughts ends up being filled in a non-stop manner. As such, the limitless potential of awareness-as-it-is is obscured, overlaid, clothed, and can’t express except through the limitations of the obscurations (the inner clutter).

A closet has parameters. Eventually, nothing else can go in the closet or, at some point, the semblance of order and functionality breaks down and the closet is avoided as a nuisance. We tend to do similar with ourself.

Planetary Nebula NGC 2818, Hubble Space TelescopeA meditation practice is one of the supreme methods for retraining this tendency to fill and avoid, while at the same time providing experiences of our inner original nature. Peace, ease, contentment, clarity, empathy, joy, truth, creative processes all are common experiences that only can come forward when space is given for them. They are expressions of our inner original nature. They express living awareness.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: In the Moment

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