Generation: Pure lands from within

Any refined state is a mini pure land. The shift in meditation from one state to another, or when one quality stabilizes and thus refines, can also be regarded as the experience akin to a pure land.

In some Buddhist traditions, a specific pure land is the focus of certain sadhanas (contemplations, mantras or prayers, and devotion). The idea behind the sadhana is that upon dying one will enter into that particular pure land which is imbued with the grace or blessing of a particular buddha. This is similar to the idea of going to heaven in the Christian, Muslim, or Jewish faiths.

Classically, a pure land is understood as a quality of Being that is so vibrantly sustained by a Buddha as a state that this quality has established as an actual realm: a pure land. I would suggest that in a similar way, as a meditator refines and matures his or her practice and capacity with meditation states or qualities of Awareness-Being, he or she is experiencing the nascence of a pure land (state). Said differently, a refined state of meditation or the ongoing expression of qualities of Being are the beginnings of what will become a pure land. Furthermore, when a person is holding him or herself accountable for the vibration that is going out from oneself, then one, like a buddha, is generating a field of quality and being responsible for that.

AmitabhaIn this Generation Stage meditation, the quality of the Buddha of Boundless Light is invoked. In other words, the limitless light of pure Being is invoked or, equally so, the vibration and manifestations of pure Awareness are invoked.

Create a pure land through your vibration, through your field of Being.


Downloadable podcast: Generative: Buddha of Boundless Light

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