10c: “Luminous is the mind, brightly shining.”

The Buddha said this statement more than 2600 years ago. It is a reminder that the mind is clear and bright inherently. It is a call to each person to live from the luminous innate quality of mind because that serves oneself and one’s life with others.

The brightly shining ease of mind extends and includes emotional states, intuitions, perceptions of every kind, and the range of intelligence that every part of a human being expresses and can live from. The invitation from the Buddha is one of a harmonious life, one of clarity and authenticity, integrity, justice, as well as peace in one’s mind and life – all born of living from the brightly shining nature of our innate awareness.

Bring your light into the world. Be clear, perceptive, honest, and truthful. Bring your light into the world. Be kind, joyful, a good listener, and curious about life and others. Bring your light into the world. Wonder, appreciate, celebrate others and their good fortune and help everyone without hesitation.

Bring your light into the world by perceiving that you are a being of light, as are all others, and everything in life.

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