World Service: gradations, permutations, and demonstrations of light

blue-sky-autumn-leaves-sfThink of all the colors that you see everyday: the color of your skin, your eyes, the colors of leaves and plants, of animals – especially insects, the colors of the sky at different times of the day. Color is evidence of light, in fact, is a manifestation of light. Color all around us, inside us, and even our own colors infer a profound truth about Earth. It is a planet with a design and destiny: to demonstrate light (electro-magnetism) in as many ways as possible.

Consider how some beings defy gravity, in other words, live from a lightness. Trees with their great bulk, insects that fly or life items many times their own weight. Consider light in the form of radiance such as the sparkle of mica, of fish scales, of gem stones, and dew on a spider’s web in the morning. Light – gradations, permutations, and demonstrations of light.

Humanity is the youngest kingdom on Earth. In many respects, all the other kingdoms express light more fully than we, but we are learning and maturing.

Meditate with this precious meditation and experience great insights for yourself. Then, with fresh understanding, add your light to the world. d


Downloadable:Service: Gradation, Permutations, and Manifestations of Light

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