4a. Open

Shamatha is the meditative result of one-pointedness, openness, stability with both of these, plus the discovery of innate tranquility. Shamatha is a Sanskrit word that translates to peaceful or tranquil abiding; and it is the foundation of meditation.

Together with the previous steps of The Practice, Step 4, Soften, Open, and Receive is designed to bring a practitioner one step closer to being able to abide as an inner tranquil presence as well as in that state. 9050195_orig

  • Smile and settle prepared the ground.
  • Tip of the Nose initiated attention. It also began to bring the practitioner in from the daily outer focus to an interior awareness. These are aspects of pratyahara.
  • Flow begins the training of pranayama: an orientation to the breath, its texture, path, and rhythm.
  • Now Soft, Open, and Receive says, “Feel what’s happening. Open to the riches of your meditation practice. Experience the peaceful awakened presence that is possible.”


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