10c: Lighted Presence

pure_light_smallVipassana means pure perception or penetrating insight or clear perception. When one lives from the natural light of awareness, one is living vipassana. In other words, with the light of awareness functioning, perception no longer is based on outer appearances or sensations, on beliefs or preferences. One perceives the essence and energy of an event, someone, or something directly.

The Buddha gave instruction to his students through a simple statement. “Luminous is the mind, brightly shining.”The instruction is hidden within the statement. It is: live from this luminosity, be vigilant regarding this precious quality of being. Furthermore, realize that heart and mind are one rainbow of brilliance, one radiance, one fullness.

Thus, imagine using this mantra throughout the day; and imagine what it could remind oneself of.

  • Are my thoughts light-filled or light-expressing?
  • Are my words light-hearted, well-chosen, and clear?
  • Since heart and mind are one, am I being this wholeness?
  • How can I used this mantra’s reminder to bring forward the excellence inside me?

Buddha Shakyamuni stated these words 2600 years ago. They state a fact about a human being, but also encourage us to live from this inner light.

“Luminous is the mind, brightly shining.”


Downloadable: Entry: Vipassana


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