Intermediate: the focus is energy

Yet another round of The Practice has begun.

Welcome or welcome back!

The Intermediate level of training in meditation is focused on energy: how to notice it through a sitting and through one’s day, as well as how to focus oneself as a being of energy, thereby as an agent of betterment or transformation in the world.

This is a noble intention, and it is one that will ask much of you. This level of training in meditation begins with an emphasis on being non-distracted within one’s sittings. That is only possible if one is increasingly less distracted and decisively more diligent and less self-focused through one’s day.

With the above statement, one can see the direct relationship of on and off the cushion to one’s ability to support a focused mind-state, and thus to use that focus to more purely perceive the nature of each moment. That nature is pure energy: empty, vibrant, dynamic, and unfabricated by anyone and anything. This experience is our aspiration because this experience will transform how you or I interact with and thus create our reality.

Welcome to engaging meditation as the Way of Life. Know that your effort helps better the world.

The Intermediate, Generative, and Sunday Service meditations are offered live online for group meditation. The time is 9 am ET for half an hour for the first two, and 10 am ET on Sunday for World Service. If possible, please join in the live meditation. If that time/time zone is not conducive for you/your life, the meditation podcast will be posted here on The Living Awareness blog.

Intermediate meditation is Tuesday and Thursday. Generative is Saturday. World Service is Sunday. I look forward to meditating with you.

peace and light, clarity and bliss,

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