Generative: Emptiness

planes-of-beingWe train in meditation. Like any other skill, meditation takes time, effort, diligence, and aspiration in order for the potential results of such time, effort, and aspiration  come forward. Eventually, those results do come forward, flawlessly. And, they can because the results were already in the practitioner.

One day someone watched a small river roll along in its course and had the idea of a wheel with paddles that would be moved by the current of the river. It worked perfectly because the flowing current of the river was already moving. The paddles and wheel turned by simply working with what was inherent to the flowing river. The same is so with meditation training. Serenity, tranquility, vibration, radiance, bliss, union, clarity, insight, intuition, and ego-less-ness are innate to you and I, inherent in human nature. Meditation training simply redirects one’s attention to the inside and what can be discovered and experienced from within.

The source of Generation Stage meditation as a technique is Tantric Buddhist practice, though what is offered here in The Practice is not that level of meditation. Tantric meditation practice is highly skilled and requires two things as a minimum of the practitioner: a) a true understanding that there is no self, and b) that the reason to generate qualities of Being is for the enlightenment of others. The idea is that that is accomplished by engaging the inherent enlightened qualities of one’s supreme nature and living from them.

This meditation, then, encourages the ego-less aspect of meditation. In truth, you or I are not meditating. If a refined state of consciousness or Being is established, it is because one has released oneself from the sense of self as well as the mechanics of “doing” a meditation technique.

*The image above was referenced during the Introduction to the meditation.


Downloadable: Gen: Emptiness

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