Fully present

Spiral_by_MoeplingHow do we accomplish being fully present? Through training and simple realizations. The training is to be here now, to feel the tactile sensations in the body as it breathes, and to realize that this makes our life possible. This level of noticing, this level of appreciation, then become how we engage a conversation with a colleague or family member or stranger in the elevator. This level of awareness becomes how we interact with more moments of our day. We soft, open, receive and release.

First by simple repetition through the meditations, then through consciously checking in our our self, ultimately we notice that we are more fully present more of the time and that our choices and decisions are being made from appreciation, wider frames of context and consideration, and less small reactive processing. It is an awakening. It is powerful.

Soften, open, receive. Feel the perfection of just enough, then soften, open, and release. Let go, let be, just enough.

3 thoughts on “Fully present

  1. Hi Donna,

    I love what you say “soften, open, and release.” a simple yet powerful thought form to merge with. I have practiced towards becoming “fully present” for many years and it is this simplicity that you have shared which I find to be very true for achieving that level of oneness with the moment. Being able to soften the heart and mind, open yourself up to the world in all its manifest wonder, then release the thoughts and emotions that detract from the moment is a really powerful thing.

    Thank you so much for sharing this piece with the world.

    1. It’s true, Stephen. There is such power in the simple things, in the reminders of awareness that are present within us. I love the inner teachers, like heart, lungs, skin (barrier, territory, me/mine), legs (the Path), arms (reaching for/grasping, give out/emanating, helping). So many examples of inner teachers.

      Thank you for writing, but thank you more for your commitment to awareness as a member of the world!

      peace and light,

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