Vibrating with Life

earthrainbow_00You and I are pure vibration. For that matter, everything is! The Earth, the Sun, the solar system, and all life forms are experiencing the influx of vibrations from the galactic center. The Sun is responding with interesting flares, ejections, and perturbations. The Earth is responding to both the Sun and the galaxy with fluctuations in its magnetic biosphere. And we, along with all forms of life on Earth are also responding – consciously or unconsciously. If consciously, it is with the understanding that we are vibrating beacons of presence and quality. If unconsciously, it is with confusion, the feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, and fearfulness about change.

Change is upon us! Change is growth, new opportunities, new possibilities explored and undertaken. The Sun calls us. Earth calls us, the center of the Milky Way calls us to vibrate with Life. This is a World Service meditation.


Downloadable podcast: Vibrating with Life

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