Mountain-like Shamatha (peaceful abiding)

Step 7: InterludeThis week is Step 7 of The Practice of Living Awareness: Interlude.

“Meditation is an experience,
not a thought process.”

Spirit Fire’s website speaks of this Step well: We pause for step 7 to allow steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of our meditation practice.  We begin to experience the efficacy of the steps we’ve learned and we begin to recognize that, in fact, we are learning to meditate.

Interludes are important, they are integrative.An interlude has no agenda other than itself, it is a space between.We also begin to grow comfortable with the space that is not being filled by words or tasks. We allow ourselves to simply be present and comfortable.

Common Benefits

  • inspires one to look for places where interludes are possible
  • Eyes, brain, and nervous system settles and resets
  • reveals the power of now.

Spiritual Benefits

  • integration of the energy centers
  • reveals the true nature of awareness by settling into simple presence
  • illustrates emptiness.


Downloadable podcast: Mountain-like Shamatha

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