A little space and perspective

leaf_drops_by_adambettley-d3i1gon copyLearning to meditate is essentially learning to abide within the fullness of the moment. Awareness is this simplicity. Mindfulness is used to describe this common in-one’s-day abiding because training in meditation engenders recognition of how we do or do not use the three qualities of mind.

Through sitting, breathing, and simply being with one’s mind repeatedly during meditation sessions, the qualities of expanding and spacious mind are being cultivated. The exacting and contracting quality of mind by itself is ultimately destructive – witness the biological results of long-term stress, hyper-focus, compulsive tendencies, and impatience. Human biology reports that the expanding and spacious qualities of mind, mental processes, and human interaction are necessary for all-around health. They are also necessary for creative thinking, problem solving, joy and happiness, patience, humor, and ease.

The experience of observing the mind and actually experiencing the texture of them during meditation qualities makes all three more accessible to us on an ongoing basis. This is significant and produces only benefit on the cushion and off (during one’s day).


Downloadable podcast: A little space and perspective


We complete two weeks focused on the natural qualities of mind: contracting, expanding, and spacious.

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