If the whole world meditated …

“I have one desire for the world: that everyone meditate.”

season of spring

“… Doing so all problems would be solved with clarity and wisdom, empathy and far-sighted compassion. Every person would be happier from the inside and realize that deep happiness expands through kindness. All people would experience a change in view of self from that of individuated and therefore somehow separated from one another and Life to the personal experience of being interconnected, integral, and nurtured by all of Life.

Body would be recognized as sacred, thoughts as vibration, feelings as intuitive recognitions, and emotions as the ways by which human beings reach out.  If the whole human population meditated wars would end, violence would end, control and fear would end. These would be replaced with equanimity, understanding, and mastery within oneself expressed as harmony.”  donna mitchell-moniak

Do you meditate? Do you understand how this art and science draws upon every facet of a human being and turns those facets into limitless skills?

Come to Thursday evening’s free online lecture and discover
The Power of Meditation,
Thursday, June 18 at 8 pm ET

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*The focus of the lecture is meditation and not specifically The Practice of Living Awareness.

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