Dynamic Presence

bigstock-Lotus-Flower-49877429Step 13 of The Practice is Toroidal Flow. But what is that? Essentially, it is the experience of the dynamic Presence that a human being is as well as the tactile experience of the ongoing flow of energies that comprise this incarnated existence. To abide within the ongoing toroidal flow of energies that one is is to also experience the truth of vibrational being and its spectrum.

This step is no more or less significant that any other in The Practice, however, the experience is only possible as one settles, softens and opens, abides and sustains the experience of simply Being.

This meditation vibrates Truth of Being. I hope you will give yourself the gift of this meditation. I hope it for you and for all existence, because as you and I experience Truth of Being we increasingly live from it every day.


Downloadable podcast: Dynamic Presence

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