In Balance

contemplation_by_gracelungartpalette-d6mxir4Every Sunday, we give service to Mother Earth through contemplation of being alive and part of her life’s expression. Doing so, we bring balance to our thoughts about self-importance, or hardship, or disconnectedness; and we do so through beauty, presence, and the amazing wonders that we live every day.

No matter what one’s situation, no matter where in the world, a breath, remembrance of where the breath came from, and what is possible through being alive can reframe most difficulties. Truth is, that in that momentary reframe – done several times a day – is the sanity that the Earth needs us to bring to her. Disconnected from Earth, we are also disconnected from one another and the life that IS Earth. Yet, we exist for Her, and are the newest expression of her magnitude, harmony, abundance, and creativity.

Does this mean evolutionism or creationism? No. Instead, the suggestion is that humanity is a vibrant and vital aspect of the totality of Life, and that – as spiritual essences – we chose to be here, to offer our essence to a planetary development that can only be fathomed by Spirit and through the expression of essential nature.

To be in balance is to live harmoniously with life, and to celebrate it every moment. Enjoy this beautiful meditation and your Being.


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