Nebula Sameness

hubble 10“When one is living from pure Being, one is pure radiance. When a human being is living from the fullness of the heart, that person is pure compassion. When a human being is living from the full range of skills, acumen, creative abilities that are innate and available, that person is unstoppable in the processes of transformation.” from the podcast

The principles in cosmos are few. They play out on different scales, the details manifest accordingly, but the principles are unchanged. A human being is a nebula. Living from Beingness, we are space and light, radiance and the dance of creative sparks. Living from Beingness, a human being is the pure power of Compassion, capable of creating all goodness and beauty. We are a nebulae. The principles in cosmos that manifest as a nebula are manifesting as you and I – the same.

When we recall ourselves as true Being, the radiance of nebula Presence demonstrates. When we abide within the contracted, compacted dense reality of name, task, shoulds, and don’t haves, then we are marbles – inert, hard, intractable. Understand the principles. Live according to that understanding. You are nebula.

Podcast: Nebula Sameness 

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