Continuum: Understanding and Building the Antahkarana

vertical raysThe nature of Awareness-Mind is clear, radiant, empty of fabrications or modifications, thus is non-interrupted – it is a continuum. Antahkarana is another word for the non-interrupted, continuum-continuity of Awareness-Mind. Various models of states and planes of awareness or of being portray a ladder-like, step by step, access to more refined (or higher) modes of Awareness-Mind. This portrayal is understandable in order to convey to the concretizing mind a system or order of both Awareness-Mind-Being and how to BE. Yet, in reality, Awareness-Mind-Being has the character of continuous flowing and dynamic radiance, that is uninterrupted in any way thus is empty thus is infinite.

Antahkarana is the continuity of Awareness. Buddhi or monad or essential Self or essence Mind are not somewhere else, just as Summer is not somewhere other than Spring. The arising of Summer from Spring is the wave of the seasons, labeled and used accordingly by all life forms. Yet the seasons are a continuum, waves of the ocean are a continuum, Awareness-Mind is a continuum. We break it up with the naming of everything. This is an understandable action. As incarnated beings, identified by form, this is understandable. But, ultimately, it is a fundamental error.

May we all awaken to already present pure Awareness.

Podcast (downloadable for use anytime): Continuum, Antahkarana 4 

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