Mahamudra 2: the texture of delight

heart_leaf_by_TerrificGirlConjure gratitude. Let it arise over something real, then deepen into it. Gratitude is sparkly.

Appreciate something – a falling leaf, a rain drop, sunshine, or friendship. Then drop into the fullness of appreciation. It is a dance of delight.

Mahamudra is a word, like water is a word. To experience the wetness of water, one has to drink it or touch it. To experience the nature of mahamudra one has to realize the touch of it. Mahamudra is the texture and nature of Reality. It is what is under the surface of clarity, movement, joy, ease. To practice mahamudra meditation is to invite the Truth of Moment by dropping the pretenses or posturing of common reality.

Podcast: the texture of delight 

Photo: Heart Leaf from DeviantART

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