Drop by drop living awareness

leaf_drops_by_adambettley-d3i1gonDrop by drop, streams are fed, rivers flow, oceans are fed. Moment by moment, awareness is cultivated and living awareness is the excellence of an awareness continuum just a river is the fullness of millions of flowing drops. When a moment of awareness, wisdom, generosity, kindness, focus on others rather than oneself is the moment, it makes possible the next moment of the same. The next moment then will be the second, fourth, 100th, millionth, and not put-off-yet-again first. Then the benefits which are the flawless return of awareness, wisdom, generosity and so forth will also result because there is a flow and not a staccato, intermittent way with awareness.

The simplicity of truth is too simple for our ego that prefers control and therefore complexity. Awareness and its expressions of excellence and compassion are causal of that which is creative and positive. Living from a contracted controlling sense of self is causal of limitation, worry, troubles, and repeated unhappiness for oneself and those one contacts. Just as pollution creates disease and non-pollution provides a healthy environment, so living awareness creates the continuum of goodness and awareness to be one’s life. Such a life is a source of blessing.

Podcast: drop by drop 

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