Master DK’s gift and generation stage

Master_DK_bOne one of the message DK’s fundamental teachings is the esoteric constitution of a human being. He approaches the subject from multiple angles and levels: microcosmic macrocosmic. As we begin the new generation stage cycle, it seemed wise to relate our meditation practice and it’s focus on Being to the Master DK’s esoteric constitutional model.

When we of generating a quality of deity, we are of course generating our essential nature. We are generating being. We could look at the two dimensional model of the esoteric constitution and ask: what is kindness, where does it stem from? Or equally so, a quality of meditational deity (yidam), where within us doesn’t it stem from?

I take a few minutes to pose this consideration before the meditation. Please note:  if you have not registered for generation stage but have interest in these meditations, you should register. Generation stage meditations are not automatically posted due to their advanced nature.

Cosmic Physical Plane EngTwo images were used for set up the meditation: Master DK and the Cosmic Physical Plane. Click on the esoteric constitution for better viewing.

Also, at the very beginning of this recording, mention is made of a YouTube on the Seven Rays and an upcoming course. Here are the links for those.


Downloadable podcast: Master DK and generation stage



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