What is freedom?

lungs_by_injectedsmilesIt is to be free, right? But what does that really mean?

From an awareness point of view, freedom is to have liberated oneself from self-limiting thoughts, behavior patterns, and energetic trails (karma). Freedom is to have effected and stabilized into the flow of awareness as It is and thus effected freedom within oneself and the world. Doing so is not simply self-serving but is, instead, to effect the same freeing for all living beings. This eventuates because one is no longer living from self-limitation in any way and thereby is not casting the net of unaware limitation on anyone or anything else.

This might sound abstract, but it’s not. It is in one’s mind, one’s emotional responses, in one’s choices, and in one’s ease to simply be content with things. Changing that which truly would be improved through change no longer goes through a personal filter that is set (knowingly or not) by one’s personal preferences but, instead, change is as automatic as the leaves changing color in Autumn. It naturally transpires.

Enjoy this Intermediate meditation.


Downloadable podcast: What is freedom?

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