Extraordinary Ordinary-ness

lungs_by_injectedsmilesTeaching and teacher are every moment. With open eyes, open heart and mind, we can realize that all that is happy, sad, painful, or delightful is calling out with a teaching. Realizing this simple and profound truth is to bring forward Awakeness.

Living from this wide awakeness is a softened existence, one that is open to receiving exactly what is being reported any and every moment. It is a liberated way to live.

Experience this meditation, then take it into your life.

This is an Intermediate meditation.

Downloadable podcast: Extraordinary ordinar-ness

Graphic: Lungs by InjectedSmiles from DeviantART

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Ordinary-ness

  1. Donna, this was an exquisite meditation. What is the role of the last few steps of the Beginning series in the current meditations? Central channel, toroidal flow, connecting chakras — Are those to be included each day even when you don’t mention them? Second question: I seem to get sore throat sometimes — does that mean I’m breathing incorrectly? It feels like fire in my throat after I meditate.

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    1. Happy that the meditation brought benefit, Sandra. regarding your questions: No, let yourself experience what is being highlighted in these steps of the Practice. Don’t clutter your mind or project things. Regarding a sore throat: are your breathing heavily? Or in a way that would aggravate your throat? We are simply breathing long, and slow, and deep. Let me know if I can offer guidance.

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