Green Tara: immediate Awareness

10286776_897351730289705_3310746975564433380_oBuddhist imagery is symbolic of various aspects of Awareness, enlightened already present Being. Green Tara represents the swiftness – therefore immediacy – of compassion and wisdom to rise and perfectly meet a need. The need can be as simple as this moment and what Truth of Being is this moment presenting, therefore, what wholeness can we be within our self that perfectly meets the moment?

The color green in the Tibetan system signifies the element Air. Air is transparent, seemingly invisible. Awareness or our innate pure Being is this: see-through but in every moment. Air offers no resistance, therefore is effortless, thus swift and easy. Awareness and innate Being is this: pure peace, pure ease, simply pure and flowing, uninterrupted by life’s ups and downs, simply being.

In Generation Stage meditations, we remind ourselves that we are pure Being – nothing more and nothing less.


Downloadable podcast: Green Tara: immediate Awareness.mp4

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