Intermediate: Infinite potential

lightningIn learning more about mudra, one is learning about energy: how one understands it, uses it, lives according to its principles, and invokes it.

We are approaching the subject of mudra in a truly meditative way, that is to say, from the point of view of insight, of causes, conditions, and results. My intention with this approach is that an advancing practitioner might realize that he or she IS the actualizing point of all the energies that one needs, wields, and distributes. One IS the cause of the results in one’s life, which means that one’s life can be absolutely amazing on a normal basis.

With thoughtfulness, centeredness, and altruistic motivation, one can be a source of good energy in the world. One already is a mudra. Being incarnated, we already are a form, a shape, an invocative point of Being; so we might as well live as such!


Downloadable podcast: Infinite potential

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