6a. Heart-Mind

7556970_origMeditation brings the continuity of awareness forefront for any practitioner. As that happens, one realizes that several seeming polarities or dichotomies or paradoxes simply are not. Opposites are never really opposites, separate or separated is actually impossible energetically, psychically, telepathically. Little by little, meditation erodes the walls that, due to cultural or societal programming, have seemed so real. Instead, a practitioner experiences wholeness, oneness, and that all things and beings are connected in one way or another through space, time, energy, and karma.

Heart-mind is a good example of this. Mind is not separate from heart. Heart is not separate from mind. These are a unified whole that give a human being a full range of mental and emotional, sentient and perceptive capacity. With only one or the other, that range and its capacity to live and move in the world and one’s life would be impossible. And, the proof is in one’s daily experience. If one takes note of thinking processes or seeming-mental states, they had an genesis. Something kick started a thought or an analysis.


Downloadable podcast: Entry We are heart-mind.

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  1. Thanks for your meditations.They really make a difference. Could you please talk, one day about dealing with physical pain during meditation? Sometimes it just goes away.

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