Intermediate: Regardless of the weather

inseparable.001Low pressure systems of weather are an example of things that can significantly effect one’s day yet something over which one has no control. For many people cloudy or rainy days bring an increase of physical pain or discomfort, might detrimentally effect brain functioning or mental acuity, or bring on the blues and mild depression or melancholy.

The realization that I and my reality are inextricably linked is one that bolsters one to do what one can mentally to address pain or discomfort but also to not fall prey to one’s biochemistry. One can use one’s will to stay on the lighter side of one’s mind, so to speak. My body has MS, and on low pressure days every aspect of my body can be far less functional than on high pressure ones. Weather comes and goes, as does the functionality of my body, the lightness of my mood, and the clarity of my mind. But, consciousness or Awareness is not mood or thoughts or being able to walk. Consciousness interacts with these factors of life and living. Awareness is what I and you are. If and when I rely upon Awareness as what I am, then the rest is navigable. If and when I default to a sense of self limited by the limitations being experienced in that moment or on that day, I’m screwed.

It’s that simple for all of us. Maybe the weather is not the issue. Maybe, for example, being hurried is, which would create impatience, possibly anger, and pettiness from one which then will be regretted as well as have lasting results in the people around us.

Friends, sit in the seat of responsibility for oneself and one’s life. Be happy from the inside, regardless of the weather.


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