8a: Asana – from the bottom to the top

4500409_origThere are many reasons why the classical meditation posture is the classical one. A few are:

  • aligning the body and inner chakra system,
  • alignment of the body, energy, mind, and emotional components of oneself,
  • verticality stretches one energetically as high, expanded or refined as one can reach and then sustain. Also, asana provides the downward or grounded vertical pole such that the refined and expanded is integrated,
  • as well as comfort and poise for suspended sittings.

Lotus or half lotus asana is a not a requirement for meditation. However, if one cannot sit that way, it is beneficial to integrate aspects of it into one’s posture during meditation.

  1. Ensure that the rump/butt is slightly higher than the bottom of the knees. In other words, sit on a cushion or such. Lift the butt slightly. This helps the spine assume an elongation as well as its natural curve.
  2. Do not sit on something sinky or that depresses with your weight. In other words, don’t meditate on a couch or soft chair. These depress the butt into the seat. One’s concentration will not easily rise nor be easy to sustain in an elevated manner.
  3. Tighten the abdomen muscles slightly, beginning with the pelvic area. Feel how the spine and shoulders respond. Doing this creates a poise within the body and energy system that effects the mind-stream beneficially, while also calming the emotions or astrality.

This meditation is NOT all this instruction which is why it is typed out. Enjoy!


Downloadable podcast: Entry Asana

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