8b. Feel it!

HH Avalokiteshvara-Barry KerzinSitting well for meditation creates immediate benefits in one’s practice. One can sit in a chair, of course, but if it is possible to sit in a cross-legged position, the pyramidal shape of one’s body actually has effect.

But since many people cannot sit like that, a couple of things can refined and support one’s meditation practice.

  • Sit well. Tighten the abdominal muscles beginning with the lowest ones, deep in the pelvic cavity. Even if only visualizing and imagining that these muscles are tightening, a response will begin to happen all the way up the spine, in the heart/chest area, and the ajna center (attention).
  • Ensure that you are not sinking into whatever is being sat upon.
  • Hand in the lap for beginners, palms open, and one on top of the other creates a energetic of a bowl or container. One becomes the embodiment of one’s awareness. Then withe the back elongated, tummy tucked, alert awareness results.

Feel it! These small adjustments actually do effect one’s sitting meditation practice.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Feel it!

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