Generative: we are.

White TaraWe are what we seek. It is human to seek it outside of ourselves, just as one seeks water or food or warmth. In fact, because that is the method used most of the day to satisfy such needs or desires, we use that method for Wholeness too.

Yet, authenticity, truth of being, the purity of honesty or kindness, the immediacy of understanding and resultant action can only come from inside. Furthermore, these qualities are completely accessible, present, free, and waiting.

There is no recording to today’s Generative meditation because I forgot to press “record.” Sorry. But, I laughed as I realized the error because nothing could be done about it except total simply acceptance. From that erupted laughter and the unpredictable play of life.

We are, my friends. We are.

Choose happiness or unhappiness, choose pettiness or joy, choose flow and giving or witholding and contraction. Choose whatever, but simply know We are those choices.

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