9b. Teasing it out

386f0a4c2429ab8d71fdb2bac56ea87fOur experiences are all we need to truly and deeply understand ourselves. With even the smallest insight or revelation, our day, our relations, and our way with the world benefit.

The experiences of our

  • thoughts and thought processes,
  • ascriptions of color, shape, size, form, texture, smell, sound,
  • projections of like/dislike, agree/disagree, prefer/avoid, wish it were so/wish it were not,
  • the formulations about this or that that we hold as correct, better, or true (a pit bull is a great dog – a pit pull is a dangerous dog, political party affiliation – no political affiliation, should do – shouldn’t do, should do better – no way I’ll do that!,
  • senses, pleasure and pain, contentment/discontent, satiety/dissatisfaction, feeling of freedom/feeling of limitation or hopelessness

are all within the full ranging rubric of cognitive awareness: Mind. Step 9 intends to empower you with understanding your experiences so that a greater range of possibilities, creative responses, and happiness to self and others results. Oh, yah, and this will help one’s meditation practice too!


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Teasing it out.

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