Intermediate: Refined Vibrations

flower_of_life_by_capstoned copyRight and wrong is a teaching for children; and in the case of potential danger, appropriately so. However, when cultivating meditation or reflecting on one’s livingness of truth or integrity, right and wrong does not serve. Instead, one evaluates limitation and range of expression or range of Being being expressed as a litmus. As such, and easily so, one simply checks in and honestly evaluates if the thought of the moment, the decision engaged, the action being put in motion will limit others or oneself or provide an avenue for increased ease or freedom for others and/or oneself.

We will find that right and wrong is often an old tape running in our mind that no longer applies as well as producing limitation. We will discover that it also has a lower vibration than choices that free, that produce ease, or are experienced as peaceful and contented.

As such, an exercise like this done through out the day will quickly lead one to clarity, will probably save one money, time, effort, and will assist in keeping oneself authentic and in truth of being. As such, we would be living our meditation practice.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Refined vibrations

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