Boundless, immeasurable, limitless

ChenrezigChenrezig is a form of Avolokiteshvara. This Tibetan form particularly embodies the potential and capacity of the Four Immeasurables to ultimately eradicate the causes of suffering. This Generative meditation asks “what does immeasurable mean?”

Can one consider boundless or limitless compassion? Regardless of what deity or quality of Being one is generating through the day, has one considered the requirement or capacity to do so immeasurably in order to assist limitless sentient beings? Equally so, when one feels the bounds of one’s caring or patience arising, does one call forth the boundless source of these from within?

Our meditation is filled with boundless joy as we contemplate the Four Immeasurables.


Downloadable podcast: Generative: Boundless, LImitless, Immeasurable

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