Understanding and building the Antahkarana: Dimensionality

hubble 10We are dimensional beings. That is to say, we are a composite of many layers of reality and Being. Yet, most people identify themselves as their body which goes to the gym or needs certain food, or as a set of happy emotions or frustrated ones. Yet, our body is dimensional; emotions, mind, awareness, telepathic resonance, and thus knowing and healing are all dimensional realities of which we are a part and are a composite of.

The antahkarana is part of this dimensional wholeness. And the antahkarana is most functional when we are aligned (right?), which is telling us that we are aligning our dimensions. This might read as pretty abstract but dimensions are common. Examples are given in the beginning thoughts before we meditate. Both forms of recording have that simple few minute explanation of examples.

This series of meditation trainings and teachings is on an advancing level (Intermediate). If it is new to you, or you are incapable of holding the level of meditation necessary to engage this training, please gain the necessart meditative ground through the Entry practice of The Practice of Living Awareness. The Practice is not a typical meditation practice. It blends the best of the ageless training in meditation with what is possible for human beings to realize and experience now.

Podcast: Antahkarana 2 РDimensionality 

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