Understanding and Building the Antahkarana: Relation-Connection


The focus in this meditation is that relation is the nature and function of the antahkarana. Though called many things in different settings and disciplines, the factor of relation is a macrocosmic principle. In this context, that principle is called antahkarana. Simply, relation is the connection between two terminal points. Yet, and importantly so, each point conditions the connection or relation. Relation, then, is a current – an electrical or energy current – running between two people or two points.

If our terminal point of is that of agitation, then we cannot easily connect with peace or connect in a non-agitated way. If our end is open and receptive, then we can connect with more of what is present; more options from us and for us are possible. We can also give more more freely. This is like being a radio wave versus a bolt of lightning. Lightning is not negative. The challenge with relating to lightning is that we, a tree, or a house are not easily able to receive all that it has to give.

Understanding that relation (antahkarana) is used all through the day and in many ways facilitates our effort as we meditatively cultivate antahkarana in order to generate refined and sustained states of meditation and awareness. As we are interacting with anyone or anything (the sky, a traffic light, a dog), we are using the principle of interaction-relation which is antahkarana. Grow awareness of it in common experiences and the principle will be more vibrant in the meditative experience.

Podcast: Relation-Connection: Antahkarana 4 

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