cHRISTMAS aNGELWhen one’s meditation practice works, it feels really good. Delicious, blissful, empty, peaceful, inspiring, or vibrant are words that people often use to describe the states and experiences that they “don’t want to come out of” when ending a meditation. That’s understandable.

We can experience these experiences because they are the substance and expression of our humanness. Meditation provides the opportunity to experience our self for more of the range of beingness that we are.

The importance of understanding this about the range of humanness that might be unknown or untapped is pretty significant. What if society and culture, advertisements and caffeine or sugar through the day have reduced one to a reactive, stressed-out, impatient, and frustrated person? What if that, like an animal in a cage, is not how we as people really are? The evidence of this range of peace, happiness, ease, care, and creative inspiration is not only seen in meditators around the world but in cultures and societies that live more with Nature. In other words, the experiences of goodness that come within a meditation are yummy because we’re starving societally.

Meditation accesses states and qualities that are more of what we are, more of the truth of being.

With this meditation, we engage the central channel and the chakras after stabilizing a generous field of truth of being. This meditation completes Step 12, the central channel. The teaching at the beginning of the podcast refers to the blue abstract graphic above in this post and completes referencing this Hubble image of a galaxy.



Downloadable podcast: Results

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