14c: Living from Awareness

freedom_02_by_annmeIn truth, a meditation practice simply cleans the window of our self. Doing so, a meditation practice brings forward clarity and transparency. We, then, live increasingly from the inner orientation of light, lightness of being, patience, creative inspiration, ease, and simplicity. Clutter is recognized as clutter and cleaned out. Impatience is recognizes as selfishness and released. Helpfulness is realized as always needed and easily given.

A meditation practice doesn’t really change the practitioner, but changes how the practitioner interacts with his or herself and his or her moments. Living from the above-mentioned recognitions, one engenders life and happiness, respect and courtesy through the day. These are energies with karmic trajectory which now, according to Newton’s law, are in motion. Good for others and goodness for oneself will result.

Living from awareness is good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end!

photo: Freedom from DeviantART


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Living from Awareness

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