July Full Moon meditation

The qualities of sacrifice, care, nurturance, and empathy are the focuses of this Cancer full moon meditation. These, lived by all people to all others, would change the human made world and the cycle of karma and suffering that humanity lives with every day. Cancer rules the birth processes and then the mother’s milk that sustains the baby’s life. We are in a birth process now as a humanity. The travails of the labor of birth are upon us and, as with many women in the birth phase of transition, humanity is confused.

That confusion is born of separateness: thinking that things and people and cause-result are separated entities, unhinged, and unrelated. They are not and never were. In the realization of wholeness lies our power, hope, and task. Wholeness will bring us to the next step, like the seamless feeling of a baby at breast nursing, That baby, feeling secure and loved, will grow and step into the world with love received.

This the meditation is preceded by a few minutes of visuals and a setting up of the meditation theme. Enjoy and give your meditation to the world.

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