6c: Causation: Heart-Mind

To understand causation is important in life. With it one understands that

  • to make a baby requires sperm and egg,
  • to harvest a potato or watermelon requires seed, soil, water, and sun,
  • to drink water requires that water be accessible,
  • to have peace in one’s life or the world requires that all people live peaceably and collectively create and sustain a peaceful world.

the_heart_of_the_universe_by_swaroopCausation is straightforward. Like a light switch, there’s no gray area about what causes something to work or be as it is. If the switch is on, light illumines a room; if off, it does not. If a plant gets adequate water, sunlight, and depth of soil, it will grow well. With any of these decreased or removed, the plant will not, and a similar equation applies to all other beings and to our shared existence.

When heart-mind is the causative agent in one’s relations, thought processes, internal and ongoing relation with oneself and one’s higher nature, or with colleagues, family members, and any person one encounters, then those interactions (words, deeds, and thoughts) will generate heart-mind results. Living this empowering causative way is to take one’s meditation off the cushion and to seed one’s world – and the world at large – with the qualities of heart-mind.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Cause Result, heart mind

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