Intermediate: Unfolding Being

black-swallowtail-from-side-close-2Life on Earth unfolds. Plants do it (leaves and flower petals), insects do it (wiggling out of cocoons or tree trunk burrows then letting wings dry and form), babies do it (the unfold through birth having unfolded and grown in the womb.

Living Awareness unfolds too. Consciousness, like wisdom, expands and matures through a life, using the events and circumstances to do so. If one is wise, one learns to live life with increasing awareness, caring for the needs of other which ensures the lasting needs of everyone are met – including oneself. If one is wise, one realizes that Awareness is as vibrant as the opportunities to demonstrate it, and that the limitless potential of a human being is only diminished by one’s thoughts of limitation.

Living Awareness becomes a growth-curve of softening and opening, giving and receiving. Living life this way, the trajectory is not measured by promotions or a corporate ladder. Rather, it is valued as an always-present laboratory for honesty, integrity, creative harmonious processes with others and the environment, and for joy.

As we complete this Round of the Intermediate practice, we unfold the qualities of Being and dynamically abide in and as that fullness.


Downloadable: Intermediate: Unfolding Being

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