Generative: All Taras, all Mothers, skakti-rigpa

White TaraGenerative meditations within The Practice elicit that which is within: all the qualities of our enlightened nature. Anyone is welcome to use the meditations posted as reminders, but those who commit to the Generative Stage level of practice are committing to BE. We are dedicating our daily life to be an expression of the Good, the True, and the Compassion that a human being is at essence. Each person chooses how to do that: through reinforcing a quality of Presence-Being such as patience or ever-present kindness or compassion. Many people choose a deity as a reminder, a teacher in the moment, as that which one emulates and thus increasingly brings forward. No matter what the personal method, if one commits to generating Awareness-Being, one commits to his or her whole range of potential Good.

This meditation uses facets from the classical Tibetan generation stage model. Adapted to be used by anyone, this meditation is nonetheless deep and powerful. If used with repetition, one would find oneself increased in Awareness-Being. That would give rise to care for others and the wish to dedicate pure being to the well-being of others.

Download this one, and use it from your iPod.


Downloadable: Generative: all Taras

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