4c: Receive goodness and grace

BuddhanellavalleDid you know that your breath is filled with blessings? And, did you know that conscious breathing will bring not only more blessings each day but will also establish you in meditation?

Step 4, Soften and Open, invites one to the only moment that matters: this one. It encourages presence right now. If that now is on the cushion, then be aware of the moment as it is and for all it is. When one can do that – be fully present – the profound quality of this moment will dawn in one’s heart and mind. With it, you or I would be awake, really awake.

Conscious participation in the subtlety of the breath is a training. If one engages the same training through the day in everyday situations, with people we love, with strangers, and even people where there is challenge, then the consciousness aspect will strengthen. Presence will increase. Joy with others, gratitude for them will bless each moment.

This all might sound a little too good or maybe a little crazy. But, it’s actually true. So, breathe and receive the blessings of the moment. Breathe and truly BE with the person you are with. And, if that person is yourself in the car, in the trolley, or on the meditation cushion, then bless yourself with a conscious breath.


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