Generative: The Heart and Avolokiteshvara

It seems to me that the buddha-being Avolokiteshvara has a particular relation to Earth. Of all the buddhas, Avolokiteshvara has the most forms, and they are revered in a number of countries.

Avolokiteshvara can be male or female or androgynous. The same being can manifest as peaceful, wrathful, passionate, or in any number of expressions of active compassion.


  • Avolokiteshvara in India and China
  • Chenrezig in Tibet
  • Mahakala in Tibet (wrathful)
  • and 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 1000 armed in Tibet









  • Kwan Yin
  • Ushnisha  sitatapatra (1000 armed, heads, and legs)








  • 8 armed standing
  • Chinese wisdom being on a lion throne or on a royal throne




At essence, every presentation is of the heart. All have the purpose to remind the practitioner that there are countless ways to express compassion and its wisdom. Every moment is the opportune to live from boundless love, or boundless compassion, or boundless joy, or boundless equanimity. In the many-armed forms, every arm has an instrument or implement. Each represents an action of wisdom or compassion or both. Ultimately, this supreme teacher is displaying the heart.

This is a beautiful meditation.


Downloadable: Gen: The Heart

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