Meditate for a lighted election!

meditate, USA, KramerCan we make a difference for truth and compassion to manifest in our world?

The answer is, yes. Meditation moves us toward right thought, non-aggressive action, and the elimination of antagonisms of every kind. This is true for our inner-being and it’s reflection in the world. Together, we make a difference.

Join us on November 2 for nine days of meditating on unity, synthesis, cooperation, and goodwill as we move through the election process. These meditations will be offered each evening, live & online, with Spirit Fire’s founder, Donna Mitchell-Moniak. Join us in generating light for America’s soul to shine through this election and into the world

Meditate for a lighted election with Donna Mitchell-Moniak.
These nine evening presentations are live, free, and online.
Join us November 2-10 at 8pm ET

Register here.

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