7b. Serenity

how-to-calm-down-from-anxiety-or-panic-and-live-a-peaceful-lifeTranquility. People and animals love it. Tranquility expresses in many ways, in a variety of forms: serenity, peace, ease, composure, patience, flow, and tranquility itself.

Within tranquility is the feeling of integral and integrity. When we are with another person sharing harmony, ease, peace, and serenity, there is a feeling that each person is integral to the moment and that we are integral to each other. We experience truth of being – each person, and truth of presence.

A meditation practice cultivates particular changes in a person, thus brings forward certain benefits. One of the first benefits is tranquility (in any of its forms). The increase might be small yet the effects in one’s demeanor, one’s relationships, one’s criticality to self and others, and one’s measure of patience or letting go all increase. This starts a feed-back loop in motion. It is one of patience, allowing, listening, and being present. A word for that overall state is authenticity.


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