Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Mantra used in spiritual practice has many layers of meaning, significance, and purpose. This is quite effective, in that each person will be met with the amount of meaning, purpose, and understanding that he or she can use, make sense of, and integrate into his or her life. That will, in time, flawlessly open up the next layer of significance, and the practitioner will readily open to the next layer of integration. In this way, mantra supports one, even nurtures one’s capacity to meditate, to integrate deep spiritual principles, and bring one’s understandings into the world through one’s life.

2000px-om_mani_padme_hum-svgThe mantra OM Mani Padme Hum (Hung) has been used for well over a thousand years and possibly closer to two thousand. It has been chanted and held in the mind-stream of common lay people, of beginner meditators, and of highly realized beings. Its layers of meaning are almost unending, which means that the ways to understand and integrate its power and meaning into one’s life are limitless.

OM Mani Padme Hum is not a Buddhist mantra, per se, because the meaning is not specifically related to Buddha but instead to one’s inner nature of goodness, light, presence, peace, and altruism. In other words, the mantra calls one to understand one’s true being and its potential capacity for light, goodness, transformation, and thus how to change the world.

This meditation is focused on OM in its meaning of creator and creation.


Downloadable: Inter: OM creation-creator

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