9b. Openness

powerfulCreative thinking, contemplation, appreciation, and inspiration are by-products of the expansive or open quality of mind. This is the second quality that we are engaging this week with Step 9 of the Entry practice.

We recall that the human mind includes all thinking, emoting, sensing and sensation. In general, these are related to the exacting or contracting quality of awareness-mind. Human beings also experience expansive states such as love, care, respect, and appreciation. These are born of the open or expansive quality of mind. Other daily experiences of this are creative thinking, ingenuity, gratitude, acceptance, and letting go. Tranquility, ease, and flow are also experiences of this open quality that is innate to us as human beings and, because it is, provides us with rest, gentleness, and artistic expression.

We engage the open quality of awareness-mind with this meditation.


Downloadable: Entry: Openness

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