12a. Fullness

Last week, we breathed down through the middle of us, through the heart center, down to the root center and the ground of Being.  With practice, that process can foster a sense of stature within oneself: a feeling of being bright, open, and confident meditatively and in life situations.

Once at the root center (the base chakra), we breathed the light of Presence and Awareness (carried on the breath) into the ground of our life, envisioning roots of light spreading from the root center. With practice and surrendering to the spiritual infusion aspects of this technique, a variety of results can transpire:

  • the experience of being graced, or blessed, infused, or filled
  • the experience of serenity and meditative stability (shamatha) increasing in depth or surety, while the quality of luminosity or vibrance and vibration also increase (beginnings of vipasyana)
  • the heart center will slowly increase its radiance and power such that, in time, it will become primary.

One could spend years with each of the Steps of The Practice and would not be disappointed with the results. The Ground of Being and breathing down along the central channel to the root center is no exception. Within the Raja Yoga instructions from Patanjali, the meditation methods given by Buddha Shakyamuni as well as subsequent meditation masters in all the world’s schools of Buddhism, breathing down along the central channel is a significant training. It will bear internal, energetic, meditative, mental, and psychological excellences should a practitioner engage that training with diligence.

chakrasThe Entry level of The Practice, however, moves on and, thus, gives a taste of what is possible only to offer the next taste. The Intermediate practice takes up such trainings cyclically and will do so with the next Round.

Step 12 is The Central Channel. Having going down along it and through it, we now come back up. The chakric centers are along the central channel, but they are only one discovery that is possible to experience. Today’s meditation sat in the silence and jewel-like peace of the Ground of Being before we breathed up.


Downloadable: Entry: Fullness

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