Intermediate: Guidance: from the shining star, or the heart, or the voice of the divine

Animals are guided by the sun, stars, moon, the Milky Way galaxy, as well as lei lines and topography. Plants are directed to grow by the sun and its cycles. And, we human beings are guided too. We are guided by angels, intuition, by prayer and contemplation, by signs and omens, and by our hearts and the hearts of others. Guidance is part of life on Earth.

arc-gabriel-annunciationThe Christmas story has a number of guiding lights in it: the Archangel Gabriel, the star in the East, Joseph’s dreams, as well as the intuition, faith, and trust that Mary and Joseph had in God and the good. We share in these forms of guidance. Maybe you’ve had the experience(s) of a lighted one “speaking” to you. Maybe you’ve had prophetic dreams or a dream that made a course of action clear and undeniable. Have you sought solace or understanding through opening to that which is transcendent? Do you listen to your intuition?

The Christmas story is a human story, no matter one’s base of faith or religion. Every character and feature in it is symbolic. Furthermore, the symbolism is layered and, as such, renders deeper and deeper meanings to those who contemplate this rich allegory. Then, if we attempt to integrate our newfound and expanded understandings into our life, we, then, would be like Mary and Joseph following the Path laid out by guidance.


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