12c: Jewel-like radiance

Each of the seven centers (chakras) along the central channel has an tremendous untapped potential. We live our chakras every day, but rarely from their refined vibrational capacity. Fulfilling appetites and distractions are a primary way that the sacral center is lived. The sense of person-ness occupies the solar plexus; and manipulating time and facts are a common expression of the throat center.

These three, as well as the other four, are capable of so much more. The sacral could be used to bring the greater good into expression. The solar plexus could be lived as the oneness of interconnectedness, psychically and intuitively sensed all the time. And, the throat center could bring forward the most creative and resourceful solutions to the world’s problems, such that harmony and beneficence be experienced by all being on Earth.

But in order for the refined capacities of the centers to come forward, the practitioner has to foster such through clarifying, purifying, and balancing oneself. The meditations with the central channel in Step 12 are a beginning exposure to that process.


Downloadable: Entry: Jewel-like radiance

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